The Importance of Public Speaking for Kids

All successful people are good orators. They have a fan base because they can easily express themselves. We are not referring just to the film stars but also the corporate honchos, political leaders, social activists, doctors, PR professionals, journalists, and reporters, etc. They all have good communication skills. Is it also the reason behind them being successful? Perhaps, yes! People who can speak well publicly certainly do have an upper hand. Although it’s unfair to judge people who cannot express themselves, it is important to applaud and follow the traits of those with good public speaking skills.

The earlier you start public speaking practice the better and easier it is. Kids can be molded easily; adults find it hard to do away with their hesitations, apprehensions and give up bad habits. It’s good to expose children to public speaking at a young age. This will boost their self-confidence and bring out the leaders in them. 


Benefits of Public Speaking for Young Kids

Being able to express well is one of the vital life skills that must be taught to kids. For long-term gains, kids must be enrolled in good communication skills courses offered by institutes of repute like Ignite Pad

Pre-teen years of your child are critical because this is when they start budding into active citizens of our society. They pick up things from their surroundings and start to form personal opinions about them. They develop the habit of having a take on almost all events and happenings they are exposed to. However, not all of them can convey it to others. Some are better at telling it to their friends, others to their parents. There are very few who can speak in the class or their school. There may also be some who would love to write down their opinion but hesitate in speaking about the same. It is noteworthy; they all have the inherent desire to voice their thoughts publicly. We cannot just ignore the quiet ones believing them to be introverts, shy, etc. It is the responsibility of the parents to encourage them to speak often, to begin with. 

Ignite Pad and Public Speaking 

The parents should also be careful about not pushing their kids too much to speak publicly. This may make them agitated and fearful. This is where Ignite Pad’s role comes in handy. Ignite Pad pampers kids of all ages, boosting their confidence and gradually, step by step helps them to open up in public. At Ignite Pad we create situations where kids find it interesting and playful to speak up. They bloom naturally. 

Allow us to help your child learn to speak confidently and effectively. We will build their skill to speak fearlessly and with conviction. Building your child’s public speaking skills is also an investment that will bear fruits in the long run. Especially in the competitive environment prevalent in the current times, it is important to stay ahead in terms of knowledge as well as public speaking skills.


A right pattern and English

Every parent knows their child well. They accept it if the child is shy or reticent thinking it is in his/her genes. This is not completely right. Communication skills can be developed at any age. Why would you want your child to be like you? Wouldn’t you wish him to be extremely successful? 

Do not worry! It wouldn’t be harsh to make the kids anxious about public speaking at a young age. We have designed the course keeping the child’s psychology in mind. We do not judge them based on their public speaking skills but we motivate and reward them for saying the right things at the right time. 

Some people find language to be a barrier when it comes to public speaking. Though language should not be a constraint the kid must learn the language that the world understands apart from his/her mother tongue. English is the most recognized official language; spoken and so considered in 67 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities. Out of about 7.8 billion inhabitants across the world, 1.35 billion speak English. If you want your child to go places, making him/her learn English is also important along with public speaking. 

Take a step forward now, when the time is right!

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