Educational Online- Game Portals for Your Kids

The general perception about playing online games is that it is unhealthy for kids and they may get addicted. Anything done in extreme is always bad but if you look at it from the educational point of view you would find many of these online games are necessary for kids. The games make them learn different aspects of winning, survival, and competition. Most of them are also informative. IgnitePad has compiled such educational online games’ websites that would be helpful for your kids and can be played free of cost.

Knowledge reservoir at

Every kid is aware of the National Geographic TV channel and just loves to watch it. The website is an extension of that love. Kids can explore subjects related to science, ocean life, space, animals, and different cultures on this website. The fascinating games and the quest for information will be both thrilling as well an interesting process of learning for your kids.

Let your brain do all the talking at

The website offers games for all kids though younger kids may require parental help to navigate. The best part is each game defines the skill set that it deals in and aids in the development of the same in the kids. You may explore the games if you are looking for learning with some fun for your kids. 

Share and care at

There are games involving favorite characters of kids and they help in the emotional and social development of your kids at this gaming website. It is a good option to let our child learn about friendship, sharing, and the art of socializing by playing games on this website.

Move and earn points at

The website offers games that are a combination of educational concepts and arcade-style play. Kids can earn points by moving their players forward. They get to compete with other unknown players too.

Solve problems at

This website offers games for kindergarten kids too apart from kids aged up to 10-11 years. The presence of filters allows you to select games about skills that you would like your kid to develop, like reading games, solving problems and puzzles, etc. The kids will enjoy the games and learn a lot too.

Imagine and create at

The games here engage the kids like no other website. The kids get to develop their fictional characters. They can take those characters on a tour to an imaginary island. Full of adventure and fun the games here bring out the creative skills of your kid. Highly recommended, your kids would just love it!

Fiddle with numbers and letters at

There are various games on this website dealing in numbers, alphabets, thinking, and other skills, as well as seasonal games. There are games for all ages and they are graded. Depending on the age and the grade you may select any game for your kid and let them play it free of cost. There is also the provision of subscribing to the game. 

IgnitePad provides the best online courses for kids and also advises the parents to let the kids explore as much as they can to learn things that interest them. They will develop the taste of liking and disliking things based on their preferences and not yours. Parents must remember that these games are meant for fun so they must let the kids feel free and enjoy the moment. Do not be too rigid about learning certain things. Your kid will pick skills by playing the games often; remember it is a process.

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