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About the course

Ignitepad Spoken English Course teaches you the right way to speak English. Our course module has been designed considering the day-to-day language requirements of students and professionals. We have two macro categories: Basic and Advanced level. The Basic Course focuses on Grammar along with General Speaking and Correcting errors. Advanced Level of the course aims at making the professionals proficient in the language by weeding out the general pronunciation, diction, accent, and etiquette imperfections. Both the levels bring fluency in your English Speaking skills.


Basic English for Kids

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and Diction
  • Listening and Writing
  • Daily Life Conversation/Translation
  • Correct and Incorrect sentences
  • Identifying Common Mistakes
  • Story Narration
  • Short Talks
  • Test & Final Assessment

Advanced Level

Corporate English for Adults

  • Basic Greetings/Casual Conversation
  • Business Meeting Conversations
  • Anchoring/hosting/Public Speaking
  • Dealing with Imperfections
  • Advanced Vocabulary
  • Accent Building
  • Story Telling
  • Group Discussion
  • Basic Etiquettes
  • Debate / Impromptu Speech
  • Interview Session
  • Final Assessment