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Course Overview

Piano classes for kids are designed to introduce children to the basics of playing the piano in a fun and engaging way. The goal is to help them develop foundational skills, an understanding of music theory, and a lifelong appreciation for music.

Age Group

These classes are usually designed for children around the ages of 6 to 12, although this can vary based on the instructor and the child's individual readiness.

Class Duration

Classes are often scheduled as weekly sessions, typically lasting around 30 minutes to an hour. The duration can depend on the child's age and attention span.

Group Size

Similar to guitar classes, piano lessons can be taught in group settings or as one-on-one sessions. Group lessons offer social interaction, while individual lessons provide personalized attention.


The curriculum for kids' piano classes typically includes the following components: Introduction to the Keyboard: Children will become familiar with the piano keyboard, learning about the arrangement of keys, white and black keys, and the layout of octaves. Basic Finger Techniques: Kids will be taught proper hand posture, finger positioning, and basic finger techniques for playing the keys.

Note Reading

Children will learn to read music notation, starting with basic symbols like notes, rests, and dynamic markings.

Rhythm and Timing

Kids will develop an understanding of rhythm, including note durations and time signatures. They will practice playing simple rhythms and counting beats.

Basic Songs and Melodies

Children will begin playing simple melodies using one hand at a time. These songs are often chosen to be recognizable and enjoyable for kids.

Chords and Harmony

Depending on the curriculum, kids might be introduced to basic chords and simple harmonies, enabling them to play with both hands together.

Music Theory

Basic music theory concepts might be introduced, such as understanding scales, intervals, and key signatures in a simplified manner.

Ear Training

Some courses incorporate ear training exercises to help kids recognize and reproduce melodies and intervals by ear.

Creative Expression

Depending on the instructor's approach, kids might have opportunities for creative expression through improvisation and simple composition.


For piano classes, children will need access to a piano or a keyboard with weighted keys. Other materials might include a beginner's music book, a notebook for notes, and in some cases supplementary resources provided by the instructor.


The main objective of piano classes for kids is to create a positive and enjoyable introduction to playing the piano. While building technical skills is important, fostering a love for music and a sense of accomplishment are equally valuable goals.

Instructor Qualifications

Our piano instructors come with rich experience in teaching children and a great background in music education and performance.